Here Again…

Well… As I look around this place, I see that I need to clear some cob webs, update content and fire up the ole blog engine again! I had fallen ill for several months and now am back on the job!

Praise God that He saw me through and I can now return to caring for this blog and redouble our efforts in this ministry. The ministry never stopped, just ebbed, flowed, slowed and is now rejuvenating in exciting new ways.. but alas, that is a blog article unto itself.


A Volunteer with my sweet pony boy “Sonny”

For now, I will just update you on a few things..

  1. We are in our fifth year (Yay!)
  2. We have some new horses that have joined the ministry (Sonny, Nugget, Ranger and Penny)
  3. Some horses that are now running in God’s green pastures.  (Amy, Tuni and Mia)
  4. We are working on our non-profit status in earnest (finally)
  5. We are growing!
  6. We are grateful for all that the Lord has seen us through in these years and look forward to serving Him for as long as He continues to allow our hearts to beat and sustains breath in our lungs!

I will be posting an article about our ministry, focus, direction and prayer requests soon!


Thanks for sticking with us!


In Him,

Patti Cianflone (Yeshuazgirl) <><




















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